Monday, November 8, 2010

Ok here we go.........!

Well here I am again! This time I think I actually have got the whole blogging thing :-)! So we are going to start as if this is day one. We have been home now almost three months ( really??? ) with all of our children finally under one roof! It still seems surreal to me every morning when I wake up and see all my children sleeping so comfortably all in their own beds. We have had some major ups, and some major downs, but I know that God has put me where I am today for a reason. He must think I am an Ok parent to bless me with five of the best children I have ever known. We are all trying to find our place in this cozy house, and in our family, but let me tell you it has been miraculous to see how well our two newest members fit. They complete our puzzle! Birtukan ( I may call her B in some of my next posts ) and Tseganesh ( and she will be T ), LOVE being here. I can see it everyday in everything they do. I absolutely love watching them explore, and figure out new things. I believe I have laughed more in the past 3 months then I have in a LONG time! I am sure I will have some interesting stories as the days go on. B is a big teaser, and her and Preston are so much like twins, beyond just their age, it is scary! I laugh so hard at how much like puppies they are. Where one is the other is right behind. She loves everything about America, and has even said to us out of the blue " Birtukan no Ethiopia ". I constantly assure her that she is not going anywhere without us for a VERY long time! T's given name means full of grace, her Indian name that we have chosen for her means " walks with attitude "! The age of two almost three is the same I guess in any country! She wants ( and will! ) to do everything by herself. If we even try to help a little she gets frustrated with us. She reminds us SO much of our daughter Cassidy when she was that old. VERY independent!!! She has a contagious laugh, and has said to me ( since all of her siblings go to school at some point during the day ) " Tseganesh no school stay Mommy ". She gives the BEST kisses and tells us she " lubs us " a lot!! Our family has some word saying now thanks to T. Oh my gosh = Oh Ga Mosh, Avocado = abadacado, and, it's not funny = it's not a funnayyyy! We laugh so much with her and her goofiness. Someday I will upload a video of the two dancing, and smacking their little tush's while doing it! And no they did not learn that at our house! Our other three kids are being the BEST big siblings. They have had some HUGE changes, and we have had our difficulties, but most days they are helpful, kind, and sweet! My goal for now is to post once a week. A recap of how are days are going! I am praying for that much time!!! Thank you for reading!!!!


  1. blog looks great!!! Once a week, you can do it!! =) I look forward to following your family through you blog!! xoxoxoxo Ashlie

  2. You got me too! Follow back if you want....I have been stepping up the postings as well.